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Join the 1000's of homeowners across the UK who are saving money with Solar PV

Solar (PV)

The sun is an extremely powerful source of energy. Even in climates like the United Kingdom where the weather is often overcast, the energy generated by the sun is still more than sufficient to use and convert into clean, efficient energy that can be used throughout your home.

One of the most popular methods of using this free, renewable energy is Solar PV (Photovoltaic.)

Solar PV or solar panels, as they are more commonly known, are fitted to the roof of your home. They work by generating electricity from solar power, namely the rays of the sun, this electricity is gathered and used to power the electrical appliances throughout your home.

Solar panels have a great number of benefits to them. Aside from being a clean, renewable energy, they can help the average household save between £500 and £800 per year on their energy bills. For every unit of energy you produce the Government pay you for producing it, it is called the feed-in-tarfiff (FIT). You also get to use every single unit you produce from the solar panels on your roof, thus saving worthwhile amounts on your energy bill. Most properties see approximately 50% reduction in bills.

Many homeowners across the UK are successfully taking advantage of this scheme - saving, earning and contributing to a cleaner environment. The money you can save and earn from the FIT is tax free, index linked and guaranteed for 25 years.

In terms of installation, Reality Renewables offers some of the most efficient solar PV panels from Canadian Solar and Sunpower with Clickfit, in combination with SMA and Power One Invertors. These superior products from well-known manufacturers and our expertise and experience guarantee a high quality system and peace of mind.

Through our free, on-site survey we can establish the suitability of your property for a solar panel installation. This is then followed with a detailed consultation with a member of our team, where we discuss at length with you your needs and budget, this allows us to recommend the type of solar technology which will most benefit you. All the information is put into a detailed quote which lists all costs, output figures and accurate payback predictions.