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Solar (PV) Panels

  1. What's the best location for a solar panel?
    The ideal location for a solar panel is a roof that faces south, however the solar panels will still work if the ideal location isn't possible. It is also worth considering whether there will be a tree causing shade or any other factors that could obstruct the sun. We can check this all for you using satellite technology and specialised software.
  2. How much effect will a solar panel have on the environment?
    Solar panels will have a positive impact not just on your own carbon footprint, but will benefit the planet as a whole. For every renewable unit of energy your solar panel generates, that's one less unit of non-renewable energy generated by the power stations.
  3. Is the UK's weather good enough for solar power?
    Solar panels are able to generate more than enough power with the UK's infamous weather. Obviously the amount you generate will be a little lower than other sunnier countries, but you should have no trouble keeping you and your home switched on and warm.
  4. How much energy will my solar array generate?
    On average your panels will generate between 3000 and 4000KWs of electricity, however this will vary depending on your location. Our team are able to give you a more accurate estimate before you decide to buy solar panels, usually reducing bills into the region of 40/50%.
  5. How much money will I earn?
    This depends on the location of your home and the amount of direct sunlight, however we can guarantee that you will receive the money back on your investment and make a profit over 25 years. Solar power installations will return 12-15% pa on your money.
  6. Do solar panels need maintaining?
    Solar panels are convenient and very easy to maintain, in fact they require almost no maintenance throughout their lifetime. However, we would recommend an annual inspection just in case there is a fault. We offer a full maintenance package. We have deals that carry 10 year guarantees and also remote monitoring systems. We will know before you do if anything needs attention. It helps to keep your system running at 100% efficiency.
  7. How long will a solar panel last?
    All our solar panels come with a 25 year performance guarantee, however most solar panels last a lot longer than 25 years so you won't don't have to worry about your lights switching off unexpectedly!
  8. Will I need planning permission for a solar panel?
    Generally speaking your solar panel will not need planning permission unless you are in a conservation area, however its best to enquire with your local council just in case. They come under standard home improvement laws and permission is not necessary, unless you are a listed building or in a conservation area.
  9. Are there different types of solar panels?
    Systems vary in power output and size, we can offer a panel that will be atheistically pleasing & will suit you. We will design a bespoke system to deliver the very best result for your investment.
  10. What happens during a power cut?
    Like any power cut, there will be an outage, this cannot be avoided as the inverter is mains powered.