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As part of the Government's Green Deal your business may now be subject to the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Carbon Tax


Perhaps you want to protect your business from ever increasing energy costs and at the same time generate an income from feed in tariffs. You may have become more aware of the impact your business has on the environment and would like to address this. If so, Reality Renewables has a range of renewable solutions to suit you.

Through our established and committed network of partners, we can provide a full range of services including carbon foot printing, advice on energy efficiency, and a tailored menu of options to help you address your businesses energy concerns. We have a broad range of commercial experience providing renewable energy solutions for large companies, SME's, the Public Sector (including schools), agriculture, industry, property companies and landlords.


Changes in legislation and the environmental guidelines for new builds has become a key area that property development companies need to address. Reality Renewables can help you to navigate the new levels of CODE for sustainable homes, the new building efficiency laws (BREEAM) together with all other legislation or planning conditions relating to on-site energy generation. Our project management team has a wide range of experience in construction, working closely with architects, house builders, main contractors, electrical contractors, M&E consultants, landlords and single house builders. We offer advice to all sectors of the industry on the installation of solar PV and other renewable energy solutions.

Our team can provide a full design and installation package, which covers energy calculations, sketches and visualisations, technical support for your planning applications. Reality Renewables can also undertake all of this planning process for you.

Flexible Financing

Through its extensive commercial network, Reality Renewables offers energy efficient financing as an option to business customers. We work closely with major banks and finance companies offering financing for renewable energy projects and can advise and guide you through the funding of your project.

Business financing works by offsetting payments for the system and installation against projected energy savings. The scheme is designed to pay for itself over a fixed number of years. Financing your project through Barclays Financial Services or one of the other main providers can be arranged from £1000 with no upper limit, provided your project meets the set criteria, which our business development managers will explain in detail.

Renewable energy is the safest, guaranteed, long-term investment you can make.

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